tzrgame changing shit kdx30 min.
jambasemessy game jam starting pointkdx3 hours
kdx.resources for kdx4 hours
jamdelaloosela loosekdx38 hours
lzrminimalist c/c++ game framework kdx40 hours
tmj2ctiled to Ckdx48 hours
hyperultrafxcg50 autorunnerkdx2 days
lzygint and SDL compatibility layerkdx2 days
golemcompiler something something kdx9 days
stormceleste classic modkdx11 days
celexceleste classic mod basekdx11 days
musiclab:)kdx2 weeks
006 weeks
005 weeks
004 kdx3 weeks
uleuwu level editorkdx3 weeks
7drl2023best game jam imhokdx3 weeks
ecsspecialized C ECSkdx4 weeks
noleakmy code does not leak no more kdx5 weeks
utf8-discoverylearning and documenting how to poorly handle UTF-8 kdx5 weeks
bozojamLISAA jam early prototype kdx5 weeks
twtxttwtxt feed kdx7 weeks
nvim-configneovim configuration fileskdx8 weeks
minitalkschoolkdx2 months
alpine-post-installmy alpine linux post-install scriptkdx2 months
hare-brainfucklearning harelang by building a brainfuck interpreterkdx2 months
42-containersi shouldn't be here kdx2 months
slothpersonnal forth dialect kdx2 months
twtxtcc99 client for twtxt kdx2 months
so-longshrug-tier school project kdx2 months
cite-scrapperscrap to generate screening schedules kdx2 months
sunnydaydon't mention it kdx3 months
wehfouhella goty kdx12 months
disk-mayhem2d platformer fighter with a lot of sawblades kdx16 months