mortan exercism in minimalismkdx6 days
kdx.resources for kdx9 days
hyperultrafxcg50 autorunnerkdx9 days
tiled2cgo was too slowkdx3 weeks
pxindexed framebufferkdx5 weeks
premovechesshow is your mindgame these days?kdx5 weeks
tzrgame changing shit kdx5 weeks
golemcompiler something something kdx5 weeks
regemregex for golemkdx8 weeks
kldcringe rendering enginekdx8 weeks
orgaassembler and emulator for the orga stack-machine kdx2 months
egecsterminal chess game in golemkdx2 months
catgymanic filterskdx2 months
fldbloated C++ game enginekdx3 months
study-sttkystudy of the flash game spikes tend to kill youkdx3 months
hmlecringe level editorkdx3 months
inputhigh level input module for TZRkdx4 months
zxczig game enginekdx4 months
zig-pxpx rewrite in zig for-funkdx4 months
strudelstrudel projectskdx4 months
rpxpalpxpal in rust (learning project)kdx4 months
learnopenglmy studies following months
pximgpx image embedding utilitykdx5 months
pxpalpx palette embedding utilitykdx5 months
mikuwu.ltdwebsitekdx6 months
orgasetorga utility: tileset to raw assemblykdx6 months
006 months
lzygint and SDL compatibility layerkdx6 months
world2ctiled world to Ckdx6 months
jambasemessy game jam starting pointkdx6 months
tsj2ctiled to C (again)kdx6 months
jamdelaloosela loosekdx6 months
lzrminimalist c/c++ game framework kdx6 months
tmj2ctiled to Ckdx6 months
stormceleste classic modkdx7 months
celexceleste classic mod basekdx7 months
musiclab:)kdx7 months
005 months
004 kdx7 months
uleuwu level editorkdx7 months
7drl2023best game jam imhokdx7 months
ecsspecialized C ECSkdx7 months
noleakmy code does not leak no more kdx7 months
utf8-discoverylearning and documenting how to poorly handle UTF-8 kdx7 months
bozojamLISAA jam early prototype kdx7 months
twtxttwtxt feed kdx8 months
nvim-configneovim configuration fileskdx8 months
minitalkschoolkdx8 months
alpine-post-installmy alpine linux post-install scriptkdx8 months
hare-brainfucklearning harelang by building a brainfuck interpreterkdx8 months